red vft

Thu, 21 Apr 94 17:58:35 PST

Not sure if this helps but 2 months ago i received a catalog from peter
paul's nursery (before I learned of their cultiv/ Collection techniques
but they offered a solid red vft for sale for 10.95, I would guess that
counts for public domain. Tom I guess this question is headed your way
but anyone can jump in..." I just recently had 2 D. platypoda and 1 D.
peltata green NSW plants germinate, Should I put them under timered
lights so that they won't go dormant as the days l engthen? They're
tiny now and won't be able to generate a tuber by june. BTW these
plants were planted 2/15 (Didn't know they'd take so long to germinate
at the time) They currently are in milled sphagnum mix in southern
Thanks growers...