Re: Anything to do and see in Orlando? and what to do in San Jose??

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 20 Apr 1994 08:31:25 +0800

>>NOW, Hello to all you Californian Cp:ers, especially in the Bay area,
>>I am coming to visit there May 10 to May 14, and I ask if someone
>>could help me visit CPplaces there. California Carnivores I hvae
>>already found from my map, anything else? I know you have the meeting
>>there, but that day I have reserved (May 14) for visiting Yosemite
>>park. I come to San Jose May 10. Evenings are free for the Cp trips,
>>any ideas? Rick ? Tom Johnson?

Pekka, you may also want to visit the U.C. Berkeley Arboretum (or is it
the Botanical Gardens?), which is just across the bay from San Francisco,
in the hills behind UC Berkeley. There is a small but interesting selection
of CP there in a couple of the greenhouses. You might see if Judith Fenn
is available to give you a brief tour of the CP. I've also heard that Peter
D'Amato of California Carnivores has established a small CP collection at
the Lawrence Hall of Science, which is just up the road from the Arboretum.
For sci-fi buffs, the Hall of Science was where the 1960's computer scare
movie, Colossuss: The Forbin Project, was filmed :-).