Re: Anything to do and see in Orlando? and what to do in San Jose??

Pekka Ala-Siuru (
Wed, 20 Apr 1994 09:50:06 +0300 (EET DST)

On Tue, 19 Apr 1994, Phil Mueller wrote:

> Marie Selbey gardens are truly magnificient, but it may be too far
> for a half day trip. It looks like 3 or 4 hours from Orlando to
> Sarasota.
That's true, I have drived from Sarasota to Orlando in 3.5 hours. What about
visiting that Daytona guy who had some fine _Nepenthes lowii_ pictures in
CPN (December93?), I don't remember the name of that guy. From Orlando to
Daytona is about 1 hour drive .

One interesting place to visit near Orlando is the Cypress Gardens in
Winterhaven. I visited there in the Butterfly House where were also some
_Nepenthes_ to be seen. Unfortunately nothing special. But the butterflies
were special for me.

Hope some others can give you more advice.:)

NOW, Hello to all you Californian Cp'ers, especially in the Bay area, I
am coming to visit there May 10 to May 14, and I ask if someone could
help me visit CPplaces there. California Carnivores I hvae already
found from my map, anything else? I know you have the meeting there,
but that day I have reserved (May 14) for visiting Yosemite park. I
come to San Jose May 10. Evenings are free for the Cp trips, any ideas?
Rick ? Tom Johnson?


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