New member!

Patrick Cox (
18 Apr 94 08:37:03 AST

Hello fellow CPG's!

Patrick Cox here. I am currently without in the world of CP's. I
have had VFT's, S. purpurea, and D. rotundifollia. Unfortunately
during a very busy and hot summer I lost my VFT's and Picthers. And
they were doing very well prior to this altercation. As for the
Drosera I was never able to keep them alive. I purchased the Drosera
live, so they prbably suffered during shipping.

I started out by watching NATURE on PBS about CP's, I had it taped,
but about six months ago It got accidently taped, over PO'ed I was.
Then I found a VFT at a grocery store. And grew it for about two
years before my accident. During that time I found a greenhouse
nursery that had a few CP's for sale and tried them out. That's
where the pitchers and sundew came from. Somewhere along the line I
found out about the book "Carnivorous Plants of the World" from the
owners of Peter Pauls Nurseries in Canandiagua, NY.

Now I have some more time to take care of plants. I have some VFT
seeds (about 2 or 3 years old) and am trying to germinate them in a
mist bed with bottom heat. I hope at least one will germinate.

My main purpose for joining this mailing list is to learn, and hope
in the future to be able to provide input.

Has anyone tried to grow Aldrovanda (Water wheel)>? I'm wondering if
it could be grown on a fish tank (with fish), and then stock the tank
with Daphnia and other such goodies. I realize that the fish will
compete with the plant for food, but would the fish nibble on the

Anyway that's all for now!