Re: Nepenthes flowering.

Steve Clancy (
Thu, 14 Apr 94 09:45:32 -0700

> Steve: I'll be at the LA CP meeting on the 30th of APril. If you can be
> there, perhaps we can compare plants at that time.
> Tom

Tom, disregard my last message. I just checked our calander and discovered
that my wife has to go to traffic school on Arpil 30th. I need to stay
home with the kids and so can't come. Major BUMMER. PLEASE let me know of
any future meetings, as I am VERY interested in coming. I am really sad
that I'm going to be missing the slide show and being able to meet with the
rest of the group.

BTW, are there any terrestrial Utricularia available in the seed bank?


-- Steve Clancy