Thu, 14 Apr 94 07:36:21 PST

I recently repotted my ailing cephalotus. It had been potted in dead
long fiber sphagnum in a 2-3" pot. I used the potting mix so many of
you had recommended 50 peat 50 sand and placed it in a considerably
larger pot; with good reason as it had a well developed root system. I
came home last night and the last two remaining pitchers were closing
and turning dark (from original six pitchers). I filled the pitchers
with water and covered the plant with a plastic bag to increase
humidity. This morning when I looked at the plant the pitchers were
open and looked great!! I guess they really needed the boost. Thanks
for all your tips.

P.S. Sorry I don't have time to write about the PAC NW CP meeting but hopefull
y soon. I was very impressed with everyone's growing ability as I saw lots of
happy plants this weekend. Kirk