Sarr seedlings and Lowrie

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 13 Apr 94 21:35:58 MST

>Speaking of seedlings, I received a painful reminder of the importance of
>thinning seedlings. I have some one-year old Sarr Purp venosa seedlings; the
>ones that were thinned out have 3 inch pitchers, the ones that are crowded
>have 1 inch pitchers. They aren't much bigger than 2-month seedlings.
>So don't forget to prick those seedlings out!

This reminds me. In the fall I usually have lots of _Sarracenia_ seed I
like to distribute. You may recall I sent seed out for about a buck a
packet. I'll probably do the same thing in a few months, except this time
it will be for seedlings. It'll probably be the same deal, a buck per
taxon, but this time I'll add a few bucks cover charge since I have to send
the plants in a box instead of in an envelope. I love to say this because
it makes Michael Chamberland cringe horribly, so here goes---Any things
I can't get rid of like this will end up on the compost heap.

Sorry to lots of people on this list, but the seedlings are going to be only
shipped to people in the USA. (This is why I bias seed shipments to overseas
growers when I have extra seed).

> Is that legal to order some CP seeds, etc from Allen Lowire in
>Australia into USA here? If so, how do I order some things with exchange
>currency (convert from US dollars into AUS dollars)? I must have your
>answers before I go ahead to place an order for catalogue then so.


Sorry about the lack of help. Everyone assumed someone else would answer,
I guess. First off, regarding Allen in Australia. His address is

Allen Lowrie (note spelling of last name)
6 Glenn Place
Duncraig 6023
Western Australia

His catalogue does not say there is a charge for it. I suggest you ask him
for a catalogue, because that has all his terms on it. They're kind of
complicated. Unless I have a very large order to make, I usually just send
him cash through the mail (I know, you've been told not to do that. It is a
risk, but the cost of the weird international bank cheques that Allen wants
makes it worth my while to risk it).

He takes care of all the phyto and import certificates.

Call the bank and find out what the conversion from US to Australian is.
It is near 1:1.2 or so, the US dollar being bigger. So for you, Lowrie's
prices are slightly less than quoted. My bank always gets confused when I
ask them about exchange rates (they usually think the wrong denomination is
larger) so I prime them each time with a dummy question about Mexican pesos.
It would get them to read the charts right since they'd know that there are not
$3000 US to each peso. Now there are Nuevos pesos, but that's still 3:1...

Also, I think you should look at joining some society with a seedbank,
for example the I.C.P.S. Their seedbank is good and Tom Johnson has been
making sure the seed is well stored and fresh. And you sure can't beat the
price! I am putting the finishing touches on an archive for Rick to make
available for everyone, an archive of the CP societies. I'll send you a copy.