FYI: New mailing list on Bromeliaceae
Wed, 13 Apr 94 17:58:33 pst

Even a list lurker has to post sometime. There's a new mailing list on
bromeliads, and since I know we have reptile and cacti fanciers in the group,
I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

--Cy-- (two Sarr.s, two VFTs, three Drosera, one Darlingtonia, two pots)
(OK, and some Utrics)

BROM-L on listserv@FTPT.BR

BROM-L is a list concerning all subjects related to Bromeliaceae
(bromeliad) plant family: taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution, culture,
ethnobotany, etc.

To join the list you have to send a:

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to listserv@FTPT.BR .

Owner: Cassio van den Berg
Department of Genetics - ESALQ/USP - Brazil