Re: CPN & Winter hardiness

Walter L Greenwood (
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 08:36:11 -0400 (EDT)

Was it Bob Beers who asked about back issues?

Anyway, Leo Song told me a few weeks ago that ICPS will soon hold a sale
of some sort on back issues to try to clear some of them off the
shelves. I suspect there will be an announcement in an upcoming issue.

On the issue of growing native CP outside, and winter-hardiness:

Back in the late pleistocene era, when I was a kid still living with my
parents, I had two plastic swimming-pool bogs outside, up against a
brick wall on the southern side of the house. I had everything from
northern S. purpurea to S. minor, VFTs, and even a few of the more
common Australian Droseras. Apart from the lush live Sphagnum, they were
not protected by any sort of covering. I recall vividly the excitement
of finding D. binata poking up in the spring after a typical Pittsburgh,
PA winter, with frequent freezes and occasional dips below zero. The
real shock was that my Dionaea, and I had a lot of them out there,
survived what was the worst winter of my childhood. The mercury had hit
-17 during January and February! Undoubtedly the location against the
house was critical. I have since had VFTs join the choir invisible at
much milder temperatures, when planted out away from heated buildings.

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