Re: Wanted: CP seeds from mail order company

Rick Walker (
Tue, 12 Apr 1994 15:58:48 -0700

> I am looking for a listing of catalogues that sells CP seeds within
> USA. Does anyone have information for everything like VFT, pitcher
> plants, sundew, etc? If so, I will appericate that! Thanks you!

Look at the "cp.sellerlist" and "cp.suppliers" files in the cp archives.
You can access them by sending the command:

get cp cp.sellerlist

to the server address: "".

You can get a complete index of the archive by sending the
command: "index cp".

BTW, I always appreciate updates to either file, or to the compiled
member growing-list file. If you find a new supplier, send me their name
and address. If you are really ambitious, then type in their catalogue
and mail that to me too. I'll make sure that all contributions get put
in the archive.