Re: Mexican Pings

Rick Walker (
Mon, 11 Apr 1994 10:54:56 -0700


> On another note, a warning about Mexican Pings. They *do not* like
> standing in water. I have about 20 varieties, and about a month ago I
> decided to be lazy and instead of carefully watering the plants from
> above I filled the tray they are in with a few cm of water. They are
> potted in 8cm pots. They sat in this water for about two weeks.

What was your soil mix? I have bad rotting problems when using any mix
w/peat for the Mexican pings (the exceptions are _P.ehlersiae_ and
_P.esseriana_ which thrive in pure peat, and _P.moranensis_ which tolerates
perhaps 50% peat/perlite). Everything else is in a vermiculite/perlite
mix and stands in a water tray during spring/summer.

The rotting problem is exacerbated by fungus gnats which seem to love
peat for their main course, and ping roots for dessert.