terrarium addendum

Brian O'Brien (bobrien@hermes.gac.edu)
Thu, 7 Apr 94 19:26:41 CST

One point of construction which I omitted in my earlier description:
the humidifier which switches on when the air flow cuts off is a 1.5 gallon
room humidifier which has a removable tank separate from the mist
emitter. It is connected to the terrarium by 3" diameter clothes dryer
hose, held to the humidifier by duct tape and connected to the terrarium
thorough a PVC fitting sealed into the glass with silicone sealant.
Cutting the hole in the glass is a bit tedious, but can be done by scoring
a circle, criss-crossing it with more scores, then judiciously knocking the
glass out with a screwdriver handle. Cracks which propagate outside the
circle can be sealed with silicone sealant. If anyone has a better idea on
how to do this cutting operation, I would much like to hear it.

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