Re: _Aldrovanda_

Rick Walker (
Wed, 06 Apr 1994 21:30:45 -0700

> Andrew Marshall asked me to post a message
> to the net announcing that he has hibernacula
> of Aldrovanda @ $8.00 each.
> his phone number is 206-431-5448

I just talked to Andrew on the phone. If you want Aldrovanda, then
call him before Saturday. His order will be going out then. The
plants are a Japanese clone from a Japanese grower, and he claims
that a very large quantity is available. Andrew said that a previous
shipment of hibernacs were very fast growing, and produced 7 cm. plants
within 2 weeks.

The grower is an elderly man that has been growing the plant for many
years. He says that he no longer knows of any locations where the plant
still grows in the wild.

The main difficulty with growing Aldrovanda is filamentatious algae.
To my knowledge, no one in the US has succeeded in growing it for an
extended period of time. It would be great if we could establish this
plant in cultivation before it completely vanishes in the wild.

I plan to order 3 hibernacs so I can try a variety of growing strategies.