Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Wed, 6 Apr 94 11:30:36 MST

>Nothing is wrong with Sarracenias (or Sarracenia species, but this is a
>little ambiguous, isn't it, Barry?) on this list. Either the people do know

I don't see why this is ambiguous. Just as long as it is used properly, i.e.

``All the _Sarracenia_ species require dormancy periods, and this is
especially true for the _Sarracenia_ hybrids involving _S.purpurea ssp.
purpurea_ as a parent.''

What's ambiguous in this usage?

>_Genliseae_ (Barry, why is this so messy? Remember Lentibulariaceae)

Part of my objection is that I think (perhaps incorrectly) of the genus
and species as a unique identifier of the plant taxon. Modifying this
identifier is opening the situation for confusion, especially since the
ending letters in nomenclature are used to code the rank of the
taxonomic division, i.e. -aceae=family, and so on with -ales etc.