RE: Aphids

John Phillips (
Wed, 6 Apr 94 07:37:50 CST

In Message Tue, 5 Apr 1994 15:45:30 -0700,
"Ruth A. Salomon" <> writes:

>Last year, I had some problems with aphids on my VFTs and sarr. I
>don't know if the cold winter we had will improve or exacerbate the
>problem. My wife won't let me use one of the more toxic agents so I'm
>considering Safer spray. Does anyone have experience with Safer?
>Unfortunately, CP are not among the plants it lists on the bottle
>directions for indications and contraindications.
>I am also looking at Ladybugs and other biological controls. I figure
>they might end up as plant food, however...Any other proven suggestions
>which won't kill the plants???? -alex

I have used Safer spray on all my plants. I prefer to use the lower
concentration sold for the vegetable garden. It will damage the leaves of
sundews, but not loss of life so far (other than the aphids or scale that
is.) John Phillips
PS. I haven't tried it on Pings.