Treatment of spider mites ?
Wed, 6 Apr 1994 09:22:29 CST

I have a Venus fly trap that recently (5 days ago) developed what I
assumed to be red spider mite (I haven't dusted plant off over white
paper to tell for sure). But anyway, we got webbing and some
purplish discolorations to the leaves.
What I've done so far is to frequently immerse or spray the plants
leaves (as red spider doesn't like humidity). Well, it doesn't seem
to have had much effect except the plant is showing no MORE stress.
I very very lightly sprayed the plant with a dilute solution of
orthene yesterday as a desperation measure. I've also enclosed
the plant in it's own personal terrarium (by setting pot inside
one). Did I do correctly ?

What else should I do ? or does this not even sound like spider mites
on dionea ? It's not advanced enough to show the characteristic
"thinness" spotting that occurs on most plants with spider mites (and
I'd hope to keep that from happening).

Danny Barron