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> For aphids and mealy bugs and scale on Sarracenia, I spray the leaves with
> label strength Diazinon with great results. I have heard very bad things
> about soaps on Sarrs, but have not tried it myself. I have tried Pyrethrum
> but experienced some damage. Don Schnell, a noted grower, also suggests
> Malathion WP, but this is harder to work with than Diazinon and is SMELLY.
> I spray my plants during the winter. I would not be surprised if any or all
> of the above poisons cause damage to leaves or inflorescence if applied when
> the plant is actively growing.
> B

I used one of the soaps on some of my Sarrs. a few years back - Whiteleaf
brand I believe - and it did indeed do bad things. I have been using
Malathion, mixed to label directions (liquid not wetable powder) the last few
years for _outside_ applications for aphids and thrips. This is just my
experience: 1) I mix small amounts at or below label directions, a little
below label concentrations seems to work and is less likely to damage new
growth, 2) new Sarracenia growth (unopened pitchers) are sensitive but can be
sprayed if the concentration is not too strong and the sprayed plants are not
exposed to strong sun, 3) living sphagnum cannot take direct spray, although
mild runoff from the leaves of CP doesnt' seem to harm it, 4) open Sarr.
pitchers are not effected even at full label concentrations, 5) not very
efficient, but I spray one pot at a time, covering all sides of the plant with
the pot turned on its side so that excess spray drips onto the ground rather
than running down the plant and saturating

-hope this wasn't detailing the obvious,
Tom in FLA