Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 5 Apr 94 20:12:37 MST

Soap mixes are usually considered a pretty safe way to treat plants with
various pests. But note, it is *not* just making the plant taste bad
to the bug. If I recall correctly, the soap actually does attack the pests.
Something to do with fatty cells, or something like that.

I keep track of various threads of information in the CP literature. One
such thread is the use of chemicals. So the entries I have for soap are:

1)CPN 14:4:87
Steve Smith wrote ``Safer's Insecticidal Soap *should* NOT be used on
_Sarracenia_, _Darlingtonia_, or _Heliamphora_ or the results will be
disastrous. The soap will destroy the pitchers it comes into contact
with. It works great otherwise.''

2)CPN 14:2:35
Kathleen Rutkiewics wrote ``Safer's Insecticidal Soap is useful and harmless
for an occasional mealybug, aphid or whitefly but may not be effective
for large outbreaks or infestations.'' This note inspired the one from
Steve, quoted above.

3)CPN 17:2:39
David Wong wrote, in a long letter to the editor, about his ``sowbug''
problem, ``To my horror, all my (Insecticidal Soap--B) treated _Sarracenia_,
_Darlingtonia_, and _Cephalotus_ died within three weeks. Although this
insecticidal soap works wonders on my cacti, it definitely is a NO for CPs.''

These articles frightened me away from Safer's for Sarrs. But you know, those
who have had bad experiences with Safer's may have applied it on hot days, or
to growing plants and it may be that Safer's kills in those conditions but not
in others. Of course, it is hard for me to imagine David Wong in
Vancouver B.C. experiencing a hot sunny spell, but it could happen!