Casualty Report

Ruth A. Salomon (
Sun, 03 Apr 94 16:26:05 EDT

Well, I finally got around to checking my plants and am pleased to
report very few casualties from a very rough winter in DC. I lost 2 S.
purp.(Southern), 1 S. rubra rubra, and 1 ???. Unfortunately, my VFTs
were wiped out for the mos t part. The other casualty was my little
plant labels. Many were displaced, broken or faded beyond readability.
So it looks like I'll have to wait a few months before I'll be able to
reidentify my plants. Next year, I'll use the wooden tags with pencil
rather than the plastic ones with "permanent" marker. All in all, I am
pleasantly surprised and relieved at not having lost anything rare.
Hope others fared as well. -alex