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ASC Association of Systematics Collections NEWS RELEASE
Elizabeth Hathway - (202) 347-2850 February 24, 1994


Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt today signed a Memorandum of
Understanding with the Association of Systematics Collections (ASC) to
provide a framework for future cooperative activities with the National
Biological Survey (NBS), a new bureau at the Department of the Interior.

"This cooperative agreement is a milestone -- bringing the substantial
resources of our Nation's museums and botanical gardens into partnership
with the National Biological Survey," Babbitt said. "The support of these
scientists and their collective information on America's biological
resources will be tremendously helpful to the NBS."

Philip Humphrey, President of ASC, said, "This agreement recognizes the
shared goals of the NBS and the nation's natural history institutions. We
are pleased that the institutions housing biological collections
throughout the country can provide reliable data, expertise, and, through
our exhibits and public programs, can serve as windows on biological
survey activities for the American people."

The agreement recognizes common interests in four areas: biological
collections resources, scientific expertise in taxonomy and related
sciences, biodiversity information, and education. Under the agreement, a
working group will be formed to explore such issues as the role of natural
history institutions in the use of voucher specimens to support the work
of the Survey, and facilitation of exchange of specimen-based data and
other scientific information between the nation's biological research
collections and the Survey. It will identify the breadth of scientific
talent for the important taxonomic work that underlies any biological
survey. Other areas of cooperation may be addressed in the future.

The National Biological Survey became operational on November 11, 1993, to
gather, analyze, and disseminate the biological information necessary for
the sound stewardship of the Nation's natural resources, and to foster
understanding of biological systems and the benefits they provide to
society. The NBS will perform research in support of biological resources
management; inventory, monitor and report on the status and trends of the
Nation's biotic resources; and develop the ability and resources to
transfer information gained in research monitoring to resource managers
and to others concerned with the care, use and conservation of the
Nation's natural resources.

ASC is an international not-for-profit organization devoted to the support
institutions housing biological collections used in research. ASC
promotes the use of collections resources for the betterment of society.
ASC represents freestanding museums, botanic gardens, universities, state
museums, state biological surveys, and federal and state agencies housing
collections. The ASC in 1982 was the first scientific society to pass a
resolution in support of a US National Biological Survey.