Hardy Mangoes and other novelties

Bob Beer (bbeer@u.washington.edu)
Fri, 1 Apr 1994 09:44:25 -0800 (PST)

New this Spring from WHAT-THE-HAYE NURSERIES
P.O. Box 12345
Homily, MO 01011

HARDY MANGO - "Nanook" This sudden genetic break from the common
mango strains produced a tree that can be grown as far north as zone 4
with no visible damage. Evergreen, this tree stays lush and beautiful
to 5F, showing slight cold damage at -10 and below. Fruit ripens in
February, and is comparable to the best tropical cultivars, though tends to
be tough at temperatures below 20 degrees.
MANGO "Nanook" - 2' trees, $30.00

BLUE RASPBERRY - Ever long to grow the same blue raspberry that supplies
the flavor for cotton candy, popsicles, and blue Jell-o? This was a
gardener's impossible dream until recently, as this plant grew only in
the volcanic soils in wind-swept Tierra del Fuego, and was gathered from
the mat-forming plants by the local indians. Now an upright less
finicky form is available, though it will not flourish in areas with hot
BLUE RASPBERRY (Rubus dubia) - 5 canes for $40.00. Supply limited.

*Exclusive* POPCORN ON THE COB?! We have long wanted to offer this
unusual variety of popcorn but could not obtain stock until this year.
"Early Wonder" popcorn is the only variety of popcorn known that actually
pops on the plant. This corn grows normally until the ears mature, and
then, when the weather gets hot, *watch out!!* The first day over 90
degrees will cause the kernels to pop right in the husk. You have to add
the salt and butter though. Great conversation piece.
Popcorn "EARLY WONDER" - $5.00 per packet. Shipped in cold storage.

"HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" Hot Pepper. This is positively the hottest pepper we
have ever seen or heard of. Small cherry-sized peppers cause severe
blistering with mere skin contact, and eating just one can render the
most seasoned pepper-eaters unable to speak or even swallow for several
days. This is not an ornamental pepper - growth tends to be rangy and
tall, with sparse pale leaves. To tell the truth, we couldn't say what
you would do with this pepper. But they sure are hot.
Pepper "HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" - .50 per packet.

ANT TREE - Myrmecodium, with ant colonies. An unusual plant with a
swollen stubby trunk from which the flowers and fruit come directly.
Your friends will want to take a closer look, but imagine their surprise
when they find themselves covered with vicious stining ants! Good
conversation starter. The tree is not difficult to grow and propagate,
but we must ask a higher price because the queen ants are so difficult to
smuggle past the border agents.
ANT TREE - ea. $70.00 Ant cultures shipped seperately.

New Plant Collection Offers:

1. "Barrier Garden" This is a collection of all the most beautiful and
unusual plants with stinging or irritating hairs. Includes 5 varieties
of nettle, including the famous "creeping nettle" of Venezuela, which
spreads quickly by underground runners, Devil's Club from the Pacific
Northwest, a beautiful shurb-small tree covered with irritating spines,
several species of Loasa, and of course, the famous Australian Nettle
Tree, a brush of which can make a man writhe in pain for days. Plant this
collection instead of an electric fence to keep plant thieves away from
your prized items. $30.00

2. "New Roses" collection. The biggest and gaudiest of the new hybrid tea
roses, many with no irritating fragrance to mask your own perfume, natural
scent, or barbecue smoke. Some of these varieties combine up to five
colors in one bloom. A few examples: "LIBERACE" - This rose throws up
candelabra-like spikes of large shining blooms of green, red, and hot
pink, with crystalline sparkling spots. "ROSEANNE" - A white and red
striped *big* fully double rose which does have a slight scent of old
beer. "SCREAMING QUEEN" - Lavender and magenta of course, with red
flecks and lots of other colors too. Developed from a seedling of
"Liberace," this rose has an interesting scent, somewhere between
"Obscession" and "Aramis." "MADONNA" Tall thin plants with black shiny
leather-like blooms. Pistils protrude far beyond the rest of the floral
parts. Will hybridize with anything. $60.00