Re: Drosera rotundifolia

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 30 Mar 1994 13:11:35 +0800

>>When you mention propagating Drosera rotundifolia by leaf cuttings how
>>exactly do you do it?
>>P.S. Does it take long?

Most drosera can be propagated from leaf cuttings.
The old dogma says that each tentacle on a leaf has
the possibility of creating a new plant, but you
never get *that* many becuase parts of the leaf
rot before sall of the cells can root. However you
do typically get many several plants per leaf.

The method is to cut a leaf close to the base
of the plant so you have as much leaf as possible.
Lay the leaf on a bed of damp-but-not-soggy soil
mix (live spaggnum works best but any appropriate
CP soil should do), tentacle side *up*. It's
important to get as much of back of the leaf in
contact with the soil as possible. Some people
pin down the leaf, but this doesn't work on small
leaves. Others sprinkle a very slight amount of
moss on top of the leaves. The key is to keep the
whole thing damp but not soggy, as you don't want
the leaf to rot before it buds. Keep the whole
thing in 100% humidity, and good light (but don't
let too much heat buildup in the closed container),
and within a 2-4 weeks you should see little plants
budding from the leaf. Just leaf it in place for
a couple of months until the leaf rots away and
the plantlets form a root system.

This method works very well for most sundews. It
does not work so well for D. schizandra, and I've
heard that D. burmanii won't leaf bud at all.

I've heard about other methods too. One person supposedly
puts some leaves in a blender with some water, then
sprinkles the chopped leaf bits onto the soil. Another
person has recently published that they have had
good success, even with D. schizandra, by floating
a leaf on the surface of distilled water in a bottle.


P.S. Somene once asked about why D. cuneifolia undulata
was so named. I'm not certain, but when mature this
plant has VERY active leaf curling on anything that
hits the leaf, even non-moving plant material.