Re: Sarrs and whales

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 30 Mar 1994 13:52:37 -0500

>I don't think
>you should mulch at all in florida. You live in or even south of their
>normal range (OK, I should specify distance from the equator so as not
>to confuse the Australians! :) ) so why do it?

No, perhaps I wasn't clear, I don't mulch my Sarrs' - never have, - even in
Tennesseee and Missouri. Here in FL, I reduce the water table and for those
inside I reduce water and shorten photo period.

>With Sarrs, err on the
>cold side. If you get it too cold, they don't care.

I think this is what I was saying. Obviously the northern purp, S. rubra
jonesii, and to some degree, oreophylla are use to cold winters. Even
the Fl. panhandle gets some cool weather. It seems to me that they all
handle cold air temps fine, and maybe even need it. As I think about,
however, I don't know if the southern areas, particularly the ranges of
flava and leuco, ever get a true _freeze_ in terms of what northern
states suffer. For example, occasional frosts are not unusual, but I
would guess that if the ground ever actually freezes it is extremely
rare. It would seem to me that the cold risk might be most associated
with actually allowing the rhizomes to freeze, but that might not hold
for the northern species.