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Kyle J Williams (
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 23:36:26 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 29 Mar 1994, Jeffrey Michael Stein wrote:

> Well this is probably the second message you have recieved from me as
> I didn't know how to get on the list. Well, first off I'm a freshman
> at Michigan State University, and a Botany student. So plants in
> general are interesting to me. Carnivorous plants are, and have been
> my all-time favorite type of plant. Ever since I bought my first
> Pitcher Plant bulb in 7th grade (Which I STILL have),
Pitcher Plant Rhizome actually (I only picked on that because your a
Botany student :) (BTW, I'm a student too.))

> I've been looking for, and collecting these plants. My collection is
> rather small and basically consists of purple pitcher plants both
> (southern and northern, 6 species of sundews, some bladderwort,
> several Venus Flytraps, and a Nepenthes sp. I started off growing
> them in fish tanks in my closet, but now have a decent sized 'indoor
> greenhouse' in my room as well as an old kiddie pool buried in my
> yard, and am always looking for new spots or containers to put them
> in. I've been looking for sources and suppliers, but have yet to find
> anyone other than Peter Pauls' Nursery in NY, and they have never
> returned my request for a catalog. But I keep trying. Anyways if
> anyone lives in my area, or has any suggestions I'd love to here how
> other people keep their collections!

I've heard bad things about Peter Paul's Nursery (same things that the
other response to your letter pointed out). A great CP nursery that has
started doing mail-order is California Carnivores. It is located in
Northern California, and all the plants are propagated from parent stock
(absolutly no wild collecting!). The address is 7020 Trenton-Healdsburg Rd.,
Forestville, CA 95436. The catalog may cost a dollar or two (just send a
letter and if it does cost money they will let you know). The plant list
comes with a great growing guide.

-Kyle Williams
Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA