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Ruth A. Salomon (
Tue, 29 Mar 94 14:41:35 EST

Hello. My name is Alexander Salomon; I go by Alex. This is my wife's
account which explains the discrepancy. I have been interested in CP
for almost 5 yrs. Like many, I started with VFTs and moved on. I now
am predominantly interested in Sarr., and am developing an interest in
Nepenthes, although I am starting the Nepenthes collection at the ground
level. To continue, I live in Washington, DC and have grown most of my
plants out-of-doors fro the last few years. I plan to check this
weekend for casualties of this harsh winter. I'll be here in DC for the
next few years. I'll be starting my internship in INternal
Georgetown in June. My wife is in International development and is
completing a masters at AU. She is focusing on environmental issues in
developing nation s and works for National Wildlife. So while she is
not directl Internal Med at Georgetown. My wife is finishing a msters
in Int. Development at AU and also works at National Wildlife. The
focus of her studies is environmental aspects of development in
developing nations. So while she is not directly interested in CP, much
of her work is devoted toward protecting the habitats in which many of
the genera exist. I look forward to being a member of this group, an
active member if time permits and look forward to any or all