pots and pollen

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Tue, 29 Mar 94 11:09:22 MST

A few things:

First off, I have managed to delete a few crucial files, so if anyone
out there is expecting a direct emailing from me, could you resend any

Second, here's a note for west-coast US-ites. You know the gasoline-quick-
mart corner store ``Circle-K'' shops? You know the dispensers where you
can buy soda-pop of various volumes 16oz, 44oz, etc? Well, all the ones
in Tucson are selling 64 oz ``Ultimate Thirst Busters'' which are these
absolutely monumental drinks, in cups nearly 9" tall and 4" wide. Things
so big they should come with emergency personal flotation devices in case
you accidentally fall in. Well, my point is that the cups for these are
sturdy plastic, and make fantastic pots for growing some of the larger
tuberous _Drosera_ or bog orchids or _D.regia_ etc etc. For about a buck
you get a great pot, and enough caffeine to keep you in the bathroom for
the rest of the day.

Third: I have a great clone of _S.oreophila_ about to flower. Anyone with
fresh _S.oreophila_ pollen out there? I'd rather cross it than self it.