Re: spare seeds

Larry Logoteta (
29 Mar 1994 07:13:11 U

Reply to: RE>spare seeds
I would like some Drosera Villosa seed if you can spare some. What would you
like in trade, I might have them.

To: Larry Logoteta

I noticed that I have got some spare seeds. Nothing special just a
few Drosera seeds. Sorry, no Heliamphora sp. 7, no Tri?????? either !

However, if anybody is interested, just drop me a line.

And, if somebody wants to make me happy: I am keen on everything small.
Please no carnivorous funghi. I prefer tropical utrics, pings and

And, yes I have got a lack of space !

Anyway, here's the list:

Drosera dielsiana, venusta, capillaris, villosa, spathulata 4Kansai4,
trinervia, indica 4ping4 and 4white4, aliciae, capensis, rotundifolia,
intermedia, anglica, binata, binata multifida, brevifolia


Pinguicula vulgaris

and no guarantee that the ids are ok. Any request for id4ing to Jan. :-)

Happy growing,

Michael (

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