Re: Lowries book Vol 1

Terry Bertozzi - 229112 (
Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:31:37 +0930 (CST)

> Well, sounds like a good deal to me. If you could send me the
> particulars I'd be more than glad to join. Do you have a newsletter
> and if so how often is it published?

It will probably be quickest if you just send me your snail mail address
and I send the information out to you. The society bulletin is published

> I don't happen to know any members in the society (except for you
> now). Is there some way I could arrange to purchase Vol I and II from
> you or someone else . I'm rather new to CP growing and I'm trying to
> build up a little reference ma terial so that I don't make foolish
> mistakes and kill defenseless plants.
> As of now I only have a copy of: Lett's guide to carnivorous plants
> Gordon Cheers and a copy of Adrian slack's Carnivorous Plants (on the
> way). If you have any ideas how I might find a copy of Gordon's first
> book, Rica Erickson's Plant s of Prey or others of interest that'd be
> great....

In the newsletter you will receive (probably a freebie copy) there will
be a current list of books the society can offer at reduced prices.
There is a lot of cultural information in Pietropaolo's book Carnivorous
Plants of the World.


P.S. If you find a copy of Rica Erickson's book I'd be keen to know!!!