Khasi Papeda

Ksnive (
Wed, 23 Mar 94 23:19:34 PST

Khasi Papeda

a fiew weeks ago i recived a catolog
from Oregon Exotics, Inc. a rare fruit nsy
near Grants Pass Oregon U.S.A. and they listed
an intresting Citrus tree.

"Khasi Papeda from hgh in the Khasi
Hills of Northeast India, 5,000 to 6,000 feet
in elevation comes a remarkable cold hardy,
citrus relative bearing large edible fruits."

some stuff left out.

"It has been sugested that the Khasi
Papeda would be usefull in breeding cold hardy, citrus fruits on account
of its extreme resistance to cold. Young 6 inch trees have survived a
three day cold snap with temperatures into tns and according to th early
plant explorers report that During Noveand water freezes. Weather would
undoubtedly be colder at 6,000 feet where the Khasi Papeda has ben found
growing wild."

my slack book list two winters i've had three small ones in
mgreenhouse (35 Deg. F.). just what is the elevation range and
temprature tollerance for _N. khasiana_?


my regular system is down right now
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this from here instead. mpbbs ships
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