Nepenthes in Africa

Gordon C. Snelling (72203.127@CompuServe.COM)
22 Mar 94 19:58:05 EST

Just to let you all know and to perpetuate the rumor of Nepenthes in
Africa. Yes i have heard the rumor, I heard it from a herpetologist friend
of mine who also has an interest in cp that a friend of his who had been
on a herp. collecting trip into Cameroon I believe it was saw the
suspect plants in a mountainous region. being somewhat familiar with cp
himself the plants caught his attention, but as he was not set up to collect
plants he made note of it and thats as far as it went except as stories to
be told around a campfire.although my sources are reliable i to must
remain skeptical until i see the plants with my own beady eyes.there
has been talk of another trip to the area but so far that has not