Nepenthes in Africa?

Walter L Greenwood (
Tue, 22 Mar 1994 07:46:54 -0500 (EST)

With all the speculation about N. madagascariensis et al, I thought I'd
throw in another wild rumor. I forget whether I heard this from Tom
Gibson or Rich Sivertsen - it was probably five or six years ago. Many
years ago, aparently, a story surfaced that some explorers had sighted a
Nepenthes in central Africa - the mainland! Of course, if you believe
that one, I'll tell you another. Just wondered if anyone else had heard
the same rumor.

(Too bad Nepenthes never migrated to the Amazon - we'd probably have
hundreds of species to play with.)

Speaking of explorers in Africa and CP, does anyone know anything about
Joy Marburger? When they published about Triphiophyllum (did I spell
that right?) I saw her name and noted that she had lived in Pittsburgh.
Though I was transplanted from California at the age of five, I grew up
in a Pittsburgh suburb just down the street from a Marburger family. I
asked Mrs. M a few years ago if she knew Joy, and she said she had never
heard of her.