P. cyclosecta

Don Burden (donb@iglou.com)
Mon, 21 Mar 94 19:43 EST

> The description of the flower does sound like _P.kondoi_ or _P.reticulata_.
> The latter having truncate-emarginate calyx lobes and non-secreting hairs
> (the glands are not sticky) on the pedicel.

I'd call the rectangular petals on my plant truncate, since the sharp
angle on the two outside corners on each petal are well-defined and
the outside edge of the petal connecting those corners is straight (looks as
if cut by scissors). There's also one single emarginate petal on the
flower ('notch' pointing toward the center of the flower). The very fine
hairs on the pedicel are non-secreting.

Things may be even more complicated ... Gordon Snelling tells me his
P. kondoi (which definitely has some unique differences from my
P. cyclosecta (?)) may be P. reticulata. His plant, which is probably
the same clone many people now grow as P. kondoi was originally from
Chris Klein, a German grower.

BTW, is there any truth to the story we in the US heard about a month ago?
A 'magician' in a live broadcast on a German television show was to do a
trick or illusion where he would cut himself in half with a chain saw.
He was actually a loon who successfully killed himself in a very
spectacular way on live TV!

Geoff, welcome to the group. Do you know what ever happened to Dave Kutt?
How about Dow Airen of Queensland? I heard Bruce Bednar will have several
plants of N. villosa this spring for sale, but only to selected buyers.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA