Re: Re: Cephalotus

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Mon, 21 Mar 94 22:44:28 DST

>From: (Terry Bertozzi - 229112)
>I grow Cephalotus in 50:50 peat /sand and currently have my plants in large
>pots. This is because they produce underground stolons which become new
>plants furtheraway from the parent. In short, bigger pots means bigger plants.
>Plus a whole pot full looks better than a single plant on its lonesome.

I use the same technique - my main plant is in a 5" tall pot at the moment and
is standing in about 1/2" of water in the warmer months.

There was a short segment on Cephalotus on a childrens' science show here in
Australia a couple of years back (I luckily rediscovered it on an old video).
The most interesting point raised was that in the peaty heathlands they
originate from, they are only found in a narrow band on hill slopes. Further
down hill the soil is too wet, and further up it's too dry. This is strange
because my plants aren't particularly fussed about their water...

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