Re: Superthrive and P. cyclosecta

Jan Schlauer (
Sat, 19 Mar 1994 14:46:22 +0100


>My P. cyclosecta flower is fully developed. Here's a description:
>Pedicil is slightly glandular but not noticable unless in strong light.
>>From the side-view, the flower measures 1.7 cm in length. Spur is 5 mm.
>Corolla tube is 1 cm.

This is certainly not _P.cyclosecta_ CASPER. The spur is far too short, and
the corolla tube is too long.

>>From the front-view, flower is 11 mm. in diameter, petals making a nearly
>perfect circle with all petals uniformly identical.

I.e. the plant does belong to subgen. Isoloba. (_P.cyclosecta_ does belong
to CASPER's subgen. _Pinguicula_)

> Petals are white with
>light lavendar veining throughout the whole petal, and are rectangular
>with the short axis along the radius - 5 mm. x 3 mm. There is a dark purple
>blotch inside the corolla tube, the color concentrated on the top,
>and with course short hairs on the lower inside part of the corolla tube.

How about the leaves? How large are they? How many leaves are constituting
the "summer" and the "winter" rosette, respectively? Are the leaf margins
notably curved upwards as in _P.moranensis_ or are they fairly flat

Kind regards