Re: Orchids, and Upper Traps
Thu, 17 Mar 94 16:38:52 EST

<< It is precisely because of such requirements that I grow
CP, not orchids :-). Basically I'm lazy and prefer plants
that catch their own food rather than relying on my to
administer it :-).

(this post isn't intended to knock anyone).

Robert >>

No offense taken here! I agree that to get orchids to bloom can be a bit of
work but the rewards are so great. Everytime one of my plants bloom i get
very excited to say the least. I haven't got more than a few Flytraps as far
as CP's go so as of yet am not familiar with the majority of them. I am
definetly working on changing that though. Have allways had an interest but
never saw many types available for sale, other than VF's and maybe a N.? once
in a great while.
Went to a local store the other day that had some type of N. for sale about a
month back but alas it was gone :(