Jan Schlauer (zxmsl01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)
Thu, 17 Mar 1994 19:42:13 +0100


> My plant has a short spur, dark purple heavily veining
> at the base of the flower near the spur, a fairly wide
> opening to the innards of the flower (more like a United
> States ping than say, P. moranensis), a symmetrical and
> rather regular petal arrangement

So the corolla is not as pronouncedly two-lipped as in _P.moranensis_?

> , and the petals are two colored, light pink (I'm color blind)
> up front and merging to near purple back further. The beard is
> slightly excerted, fuzzy, and of a sort of creamy
> bluish-purple.

The hairs of the beard should bear rather large, berry-like heads (not like
the hairs of any other _P._ species).

> Does this sound like P. rotundiflora?

How about the pedicel? Is it glabrous?
The leaves of the "summer" rosette should be rather orbicular, those of the
"winter" rosette should be fairly numerous, crowded, and longer than wide.

Kind regards