Re: favorite CP books

Rick Walker (
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 12:57:18 -0800

> I've seen the two Adrian Slack books mentioned in several places
> as great reference works for cp's. Anybody know where to buy
> copies? I found _Carnivorous_Plants_ at the local library but
> obviously I can't buy it from them. No one else can find it or
> the other one (_Insect_Eating_Plants_and_How_to_Grow_Them_) in
> books in print or on the shelves.
> Also, I've seen a lot of discussion about keying CP's but no
> mention of what reference is being used to do the keying. Anyone
> have a suggestion of what to use and where to get it?

I've had to take Dave off the subscription list due to numerous errors
by his mail program. :-( Until the problem can be fixed, any "real-time"
correspondence with Dave will have to be made direct to
"telenet!twinkie!", and not through the listserver.

Please cc: your replies to the above query directly to Dave.