Re: Sacramento and Utrics

Rick Walker (
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 10:10:29 -0800


Welcome back. Sorry you couldn't make it by the Bay Area.

> Anyone know where the Santa Ana Botanical Garden is? Perhaps near LA?
> I have to give them a call...

It's about 5 blocks away from my parents house :-), in Claremont CA.

Claremont is at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains, just SW of Mt. Baldy,
and perhaps 30 miles east of Pasadena.

The full name is Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden. It specializes in
native plants and has a large, sprawling campus split up into various
plant communities like, "desert", "oasis", "chapparal", etc. I don't
think they have any non-natives in the garden.

I believe that they have a good library, but I've never actually wangled
myself in to see it. (I don't think the library is generally open to
the public).