Re: Re[2]: Media Revisited

Andreas Wistuba (
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 10:41:48 GMT+1

> *I made very bad experience with perlite. It is a good way to kill
> *Heliamphora.
> *Andreas
> -----
> I have used perlite/peat and perlite/sphagnum mixtures for years with
> Heliamphora and have gotten very good results. I flush the newly
> planted pots with copious amounts of water. It is conceivable that
> perlite from different suppliers may have high concentrations of salts
> or other toxic minerals, though.
> Geoff

My Heliamphora turned very green before they faded away when
plantet in a perlite-peat mix. I have been told that perlite contains
high doses of Magnesium. Maybe too high.