Heliamphora docs.

Kevin Snively (ksnive@hebron.connected.com)
Mon, 14 Mar 1994 20:59:55 -0800

>Date: Sun, 9 Jan 1994 04:13:19 -0800
>From: Jan Schlauer <zxmsl01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de>
>You should read the respective texts by:
>descriptions of the whole genus, _H.ionasii_, and _H.neblinae_),
>extensive discussion on variability and taxonomic consequences), and by

i just got photo copies of thees documents by using a little
some thing called the interlibrary exchange programe ( a
trick taught to me by Tom Kahl of Seattle )

i'ed offer to make copies available but it would be just as fast
and you'll get better copies if you go to the library nearest
your home and order them your self. the price was $14.00 for
both documents. i could of cut the price slightly if i had
known the exact range of page numbers to ask for to get just
the Heliamphora information but having the whole article
is more fun any way.
try it it was easy!!!!!