Clarke Brunt (CLARKE@lsl.co.uk)
Mon, 14 Mar 94 10:27 GMT

> I also read quite a bit about CP what about Cephelotus(sp)?

CephAlotus follicularis (is it called West Australian Pitcher Plant
or something like that?)

I knew it from a picture (I just typed 'pitcher' and had to correct
it - you get these things on the brain) in Slack's book, and was given
2 small seedlings nearly two years ago. They are still small, but all the
time have been developing small pitchers. One has now developed a more
'mature' looking type of pitcher, with ridges on its lip, which the
earlier ones didn't have. Both plants now have multiple growing shoots,
which have appeared from the base. I've just been growing them like
most other CP, though I just watered normally this Winter rather than
standing in water. Temperatures have been down to 45F/8C with no

Clarke Brunt