Pings and shade

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 7 Mar 94 08:58:14 MST

>Want to describe (briefly ;-) ) the flowers of your rotundiflora for me? In
>short, do yours have the pretty "inverted" colouration (ie. dark centred,
>light flowers) too?

John, briefly: pedicel 5 cm. Flower held straight up, all petals reflexed 90
degrees, and are +-identical. Each approximately 8mm broad, 5 mm long,
broadly orbicular, although the center-lower petal is slightly cuneate and
obscurely emarginate. All overlap. Outer 1/2 of each petal is light lilac,
inner region is lighter or even white. The corolla throat has many white
hairs on palate and dark patches of purple. Corolla tube 8 mm long. Spur
4--5 mm long, narrowly tapered to truncate end.

>Also, do your x "Sethos" flowers look like the one lurking in the center-right
>of Slack's x "Weser"/ x "Sethos" picture (in "Insect-Eating Plants...") - it's

Yes, absolutely identical.

>Subject: Shade Covers
>What is the recommended % of shade need for best result in NC with a
>southern expos?
>I think someone told me 51% any one know?

Steve, I'd get either the stuff near 30% or 50%. You can always double up
the former or cut holes in the latter. I have a few strips of 50% hanging
over my greenhouse providing partial coverage. So inside the greenhouse there
are places were the light intensity is quite high, and places where it is
significantly lower. I place plants accordingly.