US Postal Service, 2nd Week Del
Sun, 06 Mar 94 22:56:21 EST

I have been a strong supporter of the US. Postal Service. They have
transmitted my letters to Europe in only a week and Canada in less than two
weeks. They have whisked packages across the country in only a couple of
days and with minimal damage. The rates have been reasonable and the people
friendly, at least at my local Post Office. But they've gone too far...

Saturday I received a two day priority package from Florida in only 11 days.
I thought this outrageous and confronted the Postal Jerk. I was informed
that the two day delivery was not a guarantee, but a possibility (apparently
remote). The package stunk, but the plants inside appeared alive and may
even survive. So, I was a little mollified.

The same day I received a letter from San Francisco postmarked February 16,
1994. This letter reached me in only 17 days. Obviously, the sender should
have used 2nd day priority. So, I let this one go.

On Monday of last week, I sent plants to a friend in the Bay Area. Of
course, I sent them second day priority. They are yet to arrive, but it is
only a week, so I shouldn't panic?

On the 22nd of February, I sent plants to the mailer of the letter of the
16th. Silly me, I sent them 2nd day. He received a notice of attempted
delivery yesterday, or 11 days after mailing. He will pick up the plants
Monday (assuming the Post Office has not misplaced them). Total time in
transit--13 days.

In the Post Office's defense, San Francisco is almost 400 miles from here and
I understand that it is often quite foggy. I assume that the postal clerks
are wandering around in a fog. But that doesn't explain the package from

Can anyone make any suggestions? Any reasonable methods of shipment? I'm
thoroughly irritated and would appreciate any ideas. Postal Bashing is also

I'm also familiar with the term snail mail. I feel that it is derogatory to
the snail. The snail is a one footed creature that gets around remarkably
well and whose major fault is a tendency to leave slime on everything, but
has never been known to crush anything. The US Postal Service has many more
legs than the noble snail, but doesn't seem to be able to get around. I
guess if a millipede tripped, it'd look like our Postal Service. (I keep
using the term Service because I find it's contrast to reality amusing.)

Thank you for your patience with my tirade,


Still waiting at the Post Office