some chromosome numbers

Jan Schlauer (
Sun, 6 Mar 1994 13:23:47 +0100


> Speaking of chromosome numbers, does anyone know the numbers for
>_Dionaea_, _D. rotundafolia_, _D. capillaris_, and _D. spatulata_? (I'm
>getting an opportunity to get into the genetics lab *GRIN*) Oh, for that
>matter, does anyone know the numbers for _S. pur. pur._, _S. venosa_, and
>_S. flava_?

The number of _Dionaea_ is known, but I don't have the data at hand. You
won't try to X it with another genus (_Philodendron_), will you?. For
identification purposes, there is some way without counting chromosomes...

_D.rotundifolia_: 2n=20
_D.capillaris_: 2n=20
_D.spatulata_: 2n=40(/60) (depending on clone; some plants IDed _D.s._ are
possibly not this species but hybrids)
_S.purpurea_ (including S.venosa as a ssp.): 2n=(24/)26
_S.flava_ (and all other _S._ spp.): 2n=26

Kind regards