S.alata and hand cancellations

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 4 Mar 94 09:31:41 MST

>I had ordered a S. alata rhizome back in Jan and when it arrived I
>noticed three phyllodia had broken off. I figured it was worth a try
>and planted the group in the soil with the Rhizome. Just noticed a new
>leaf forming today looks like it's going to pull through!!! No rootone
>just alot of luck.

Whoah, Whoah, hold the phone, stop the press, delay the execution!
Kirk, are you telling me you got an _S.alata_ phyllode to root? Was there
a hunk of rhizome on the phyllode too? If you are telling me you got a
single _Sarr_ leaf to root, I am stunned and, well, skeptical.

>Not sure if Post Office does this anymore but maybe you could request
>hand cancellation instead of running it through their wringers. Does
>that work? Just a thought.

As I was just telling David Purks of this group, going to the post office
to mail as many boxes a month as I do, I am a familiar face over there. They
confided to me once that sticking the words ``fragile'' or ``hand-cancel''
really only serve to pacify the sender. They handle all the boxes and letters
pretty much the same.