Re:CPS references

Terry Bertozzi (
Wed, 02 Mar 1994 22:08:00 +1030


I am able to help you with some of the references you are after and possibly
supply a couple more if you are interested. The ones I have are:

1. Achieving the sterile state for home tissue culture, Part 1 only so
far, I'll try and track down the other one.

2. In vtro propagation of the butterwort Pinguicula moranensis, by Adams
et al.

Also by these authors:

In vitro propagation of Cephalotus follicularis (Australian Pitcher Plant).
HortScience 14, 521-513

Anthony, J. (1992). In vitro propagation of Drosera spp. HortScience 27, 850.

Tisserat et al. (1992). Microwave sterilization of plant tissue culture media.
HortScience 27, 358-361.

Let me know what you want.