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John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Wed, 2 Mar 94 20:16:31 DST

>>I finally found a good permanent marker at a local art supply store
>>for writing on plant labels. The usual permanent marker pens found in
>I have found Sanford brand permanent markers, called Sharpie, are the
>best for me. Everthing else I have ever used has faded with time. But
>these Sharpie pens (black ink) last longer than labels! Extra-fine tip
>is the best, as ultra-fine is too delicate w.r.t. getting wet, and the
>fine-tip is too broad.
>Michael Chamberland prefers using pencil on textured tags.

I use Chinagraph-type pencils too (mine's a Lyra Plast-O-Mark 6363). These
normally stick well to ordinary plastic labels, but if not you can rub the
surface with an ink rubber (sorry, "eraser"...) to get a bit of roughening.
Naturally, using pencil has the advantage of recyclable labels for those less
easy to grow CPs...

Yes, this account is still up - my new one(s) should be running "real
soon now" ;-)

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