pens and oreophila

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 2 Mar 94 00:06:33 MST

>In case others in the CP group may be interested, I'll respond to the whole
>CP group. Here's a copy of the article, "Observations of S. Oreophila"
>by Don Schnell in CPN vol. 1, #1:

Don, thanks. My reason for asking about this is that the ICPS seedbank
recently had some _S.oreophila_, donated by Joe M. The types were called
something like

_S.oreophila_---pale green, tall form
_S.oreophila_---coloured veins, wide mouth

When I asked him for additional info, he directed me towards the article.
I hope I get germination.

>I finally found a good permanent marker at a local art supply store for
>writing on plant labels. The usual permanent marker pens found in

I have found Sanford brand permanent markers, called Sharpie, are the best
for me. Everthing else I have ever used has faded with time. But these
Sharpie pens (black ink) last longer than labels! Extra-fine tip is the
best, as ultra-fine is too delicate w.r.t. getting wet, and the fine-tip
is too broad.

Michael Chamberland prefers using pencil on textured tags.