Nepenthes dubia pollen

Andreas Wistuba (
Tue, 1 Mar 1994 15:47:22 GMT+1


I will have a male N. dubia flowering in a few weeks. Does anybody
grow any female Nepenthes (prefarably species, however hybrids are
also ok, if nobody has a sp.) which will also flower in the next few
I would be very glad if you could also ask Nepenthes growers who
are not in this discussion group as N. dubia pollen is something very
rare and I do not like to let it die unused. I feel that N. dubia-hybrids
should look really special. I will send pollen to everybody who will
later send me a part of the hybrid seeds.
I will also soon have a female N. ventricosa flowering. Are any pollen
available??? Of cause pollen donators will obtain half of the seeds
from the crosses.
I feel that this e-mail list could help Nepenthes growers all over the
world to find the right *partners* for their *single* plants.

All the best