Joachim Nerz (
Tue, 1 Mar 94 10:16:04 +0100

Hi Robert,

to germinate Nepenthes-seed you can do it warm and humid for both,
lowland and highland species, but highlands you can't keep hot
further on.
To stimulate germination, you can try GA3 (giberellic acid) in a
concentration of 1g/l over night.
By the way, do you have at moment some seed of Nepenthes in spare?
I'm still looking for seed of some species, which I would like for
to trade for plants of Nepenthes or Heliamphora, if interesting for

By the way, does anybody know, if N. spathulata-seed are available
in USA sometimes? I have heard something like that.

Another question:

Does anybody know, if there is somewhere a male N. clipeata in
cultivation? Maybe in USA or in Japan?